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"One man's road kill is
another man's icon"


"...But I actually spend a 

moment considering 
whether to buy the lite 
or regular variety."
Sara Lowen
Mid-Atlantic Country

Breaking Opossum News!!!
Breaking Opossum News!!!

The Opossum can save your life...

Win Canned Opossum!



Online Store

Can't get by the station?...Order your stuff here:

Canned Brasstown O'Possum
New! Diet Lite Canned O'Possum...
Clay's Corner Bubble Bath...
Bumper Stickers...
Coffee Mugs...
Refrigerator Magnets...and many more!

Note: Sales tax will be charged for NC Residents. Shipping charges will be added to your order. Our items are shipped via USPS and shipping will be based upon zip code and charged when the order is shipped. If you have any questions about shipping, please give us a call at (828) 837-3797.

Clay's Corner PosterNEW!!! 2016 Possum Drop Poster 2015-2016... $10.00

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Clays Corner 2016 T-ShirtClay's  2016 Possum Drop T-Shirt...We think they call this one a post modurn design by one of them Northern artists. A limited edition, order one today!. $18.75

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Clay's Corner PosterNEW!!! 2015 Possum Drop Poster 2014-2015... ON SALE for $5.00

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Clays Corner 2015 T-ShirtClay's  Zone of Lawlessness Possum Drop T-Shirt...Brand Spankin' new for 2015. Git yers today!. $18.75

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Clay's Corner Poster20th Anniversary Possum Drop Poster 2013-2014... ON SALE$ for $5.00

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Clay's Corner PosterLimited Edition Opossum Drop Poster...Signed & numbered by the artist! $25.00

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"The other Other White Meat" T-shirt
Glows in the Dark with a variety of colors!!!
Disclaimer: WARNING - Crossing the road after dark may be hazardous to your health. Too many people have been run over crossing the road being mistaken for a opossum while wearing our shirt...$15.00


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Refrigerator Magnet-Hanging Opossum
Clay's Opossum Refrigerator Magnet Strong enough to hang yer kid up with the grocery list! $2.50

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Southern Thang T-Shirt
NEW! Southern Thang Opossum Drop T-Shirt...It really is! $15.00



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Possum Water
Clay's Corner Possum Water...Sweeter than a ripe persimmon! .5LT bottle $2.00

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Hillbilly Bubble Bath
Clay's Hillbilly Bubble Bath...Directions: Cook and eat one hour before bathing. Take double portion for Jacuzzi. $2.00

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Diet Brasstown O'Possum
New Diet Lite Brasstown O'Possum...No Cholesterol, No Calories, Corn Bread Fed. Pure O'possum ran over by Mercer Scroggs in front of Clay's Corner, Brasstown, North Carolina. Sun dried in Summer, freeze dried in Winter- Net. Wt. 3 oz. (contents may differ from label) $3.00

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Brasstown O'Possum
Brasstown O'Possum...Pure O'possum ran over by Mercer Scroggs in front of Clay's Corner, Brasstown, North Carolina. Sun dried in Summer, freeze dried in Winter- Net. Wt. 3 oz. (contents may differ from label) $3.00

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The Other White Meat Bumper Sticker
"Possum, The other Other White Meat" Bumper Sticker $2.00
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Brakes for Roadkills Bumper Sticker
"This Vehicle Brakes For Roadkills" Bumper Sticker $2.00
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Road Kill Music
"Eat More Opossum" Songs by Various Artists A musical tribute to the king of roadkill!  CD $13.99.


Coffee Mugs
Clay's Corner Coffee Mug Just what ya need to hold your morning coffee! $15.00
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Tote Bag
Opossum, The other Other White Meat Tote Bag Carry all yer goodies in this handsome bag! $6.99
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Get a Clay's Corner Tote Bag Today!Tote Bag
Live at Clay's Corner Tote Beautiful Downtown Brasstown $6.99
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